This website is an illustrated atlas of lichens in Gloucestershire, a lowland county in the south-west of England.

Since 2000 there has been a sustained programme of field meetings and individual recording effort meaning that we are now in a position to start presenting an overview of the county’s lichen flora. The British Lichen Society provided the historical records and updates us with more recent records received from people outside the Gloucestershire Lichen Group.

Species are mapped on this website on a tetrad basis (2km x 2km) though the original record will usually be much more accurate, to six figures or more on the Ordnance Survey national grid.

The website is a working tool for lichen studies which it is hoped will be particularly useful for beginners and intermediate lichenologists, with photos illustrating the salient features of each species. It also provides a framework encouraging methodical study by the author.

As can be seen from the map, coverage is still patchy, with the north-east and south east relatively poorly covered. The aim is that every tetrad should eventually be visited.

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Further information
With thanks to the following, where more information on lichens and Gloucestershire's natural history will be found.

Lichen records from Gloucestershire (up to 01/2018)